Music Award Timeline Experience

You can Shazam award shows, to get exclusive content such as performances and award winners. The experience includes live updates, exclusives, performances and nominees.

I successfully reorganized the timeline to improve the UX. Helping users find out when songs were performed by the same artist.

Shazam’s data dashboards

Shazam’s data insights on when and where tracks are Shazamed including demographics and engagement. These dashboards used by the music industry to help influence important decision making.

My role in this project was UI/UX designer. I worked with a large international team. Front end development, in Turkey and the Data engineers, Redwoodcity, CA and project managers in London. We worked on a variety of dashboards for artists and artist’s tracks.

Viral Marketing Designs

These designs were created originally for emails distributed throughout folks in Shazam’s music industry email list, however multiple of my designs unexpectedly went viral. Such as Diplo and Adele which were picked up in various well known websites like and The project became a weekly featured blog post on For more examples check out my Pinterest.

Shazam For Artists Launch Posters

Shazam launched a new feature in 2015 that allowed users to see what their favorite artists were Shazaming. Shazam also just launched "Visual Shazam", thus each poster can be Shazamed with the camera icon to find out more about the artist.

I designed an informative poster about each artist that was launching with the new feature for the launch party. The party was held in New York for record labels and clients of Shazam. These posters now live in the Shazam offices worldwide.